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We offer video subtitling services in all platforms, interpretation, technical and literary translation, revision and transcription of any audiovisual media. Have your software or website translated to the language of your target audience with quality and within the scheduled delivery date.

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Technical Translation

Technical Translations are made from texts of a specialized area. It presents little lexical variations due to its specific features and specialized terminology. However, it requires the use of appropriate terminology, and therefore, the translator must know the kind of text they are translating. The output text will be natural and have an understandable translation for the target audience. The Technical texts represent the most translated types of text in the world. This is due to the continuous increase of imports, globalization, services outsourcing and technical publications in the industrial world.


Literary Translation

Translating literary work requires a full on immersion into the literary work that is to be translated. Literary translations are inserted in the category of Publishing Translation in which the genre is sorted out by fiction texts, chronicles, poetries etc. In literary translations, preserving the speaking style of each character in the author´s literary work is extremely important, and must be evident in the dialogues.



We generate the finished subtitle separated from the video in 30 different formats or electronically inserted into the video. Subtitles are useful for companies, institutions or corporations that desires to promote their products or services internationally, being subtitling the less costly way if compared to dubbing, for example. We are specialists in all kind of audivisual translation output.


Software Localization

Software Localization is the process that allows software (or applications) to be translated and adapted to the user's language. Tradumedia International® applies specific software for the localization process, and TM's to ensure consistency in translations.


Website Localization

Have great prospects for your business growth with the description of your products in the language of your potential customer. Make your website adapted to the customs, culture, and other variables of the country for which your product is intended.


Audio Transcription

Transcription is the process of transferring a sound or audiovisual information in texts. It is useful for creating handouts for training, interviews, business meetings, records, instructional videos, etc. We have a discount table for large amounts of audio to be transcribed.


Videogame Localization

The global market and the growing demand for games in the player´s language has boosted the gaming industry in recent decades. To localize a game not only involves linguistic transfer, but it´s a complex and challenging process.



In our reviewing process, we apply electronic mechanisms coupled with expert human knowledge, resulting in a quality text. Our reviewers are formed in Literature or Translation and Interpretation and know the grammatical conventions of punctuation and spelling governing our language.



In version, the original work is in our language and will be transferred to another language, such as English, for example.A Tradumedia International® has qualified people to meet the needs and customer-defined specifications. Request a quote with us and see the quality of our work!

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Working with language services is a challenge that requires intelligent and always up-to-date solutions to keep up with the great demands and fluidity of the language.

Tradumedia International® started in 2015, combining our specialized knowledge of languages with technological innovations to always deliver quality work with the shortest deadline for our clients.


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